Advanced Resident Seminar

On Wednesday mornings, the third and fourth year residents attend seminars on advanced topics. These seminars are organized into "courses" that alternate every other year.


Date Title Lecturer
Law, Ethics and Psychiatry
9/17/2014 Introduction and Competency Melissa Harbit, MD
9/24/2014 Confidentiality, Privilege and Informed Consent Melissa Harbit, MD
10/1/2014 Right to Treatment, Right to Refuse Treatment and Civil Commitment Melissa Harbit, MD
10/8/2014 Duty to Protect Melissa Harbit, MD
10/15/2014 Workers' Compensation, ADA, ERISA, and Sexual Harassment Melissa Harbit, MD
10/22/2014 Malpractice and Testifying Michael Jarvis, MD, PhD
10/29/2014 Insanity Defense Melissa Harbit, MD
11/5/2014 Violence Risk Assessment and Sexually Violent Predators (SVPs) Melissa Harbit, MD
11/12/2014 Ethics and Professionalism Melissa Harbit, MD
Translational Research and Reading the Scientific Literature
11/19/2014 Scopolamine in MDD Janet Chen, MD (Farber)
12/3/2014 LTD and Fragile X George Manatt, Nicholas Ranallo, MD (Farber)
12/10/2014 Lanicemine and MDD Iffat Bhuiyan, MD; Matt Perry, MD (Farber)
12/17/2014 Autism George Elias, MD; Keerthi Akkineni, MD (Dougherty)
1/7/2015 Fear and LTP Naazia Azhar, MD; Marty Sievert, MD (Mennerick)
1/14/2015 D-Cycloserine and Fear Adarsh Reddy, MBBS; Emily Perry, MD (Farber)
1/21/2015 Schizophrenia Genes Julio Bernardi, MD; Miriam Brown, MD (Cloninger)
1/28/2015 Infliximab in MDD Maureen Murphy-Ryan, MD, PhD; Sister Mara Lester, MD (Farber)
2/4/2015 GABA-B and Fragile-X Joshua Wilson, MD; Colleen Donovan, MD (Farber)
2/11/2015 Networks and Brain Injury Jessica Rosenkvist, MD; Ravi Chockalingam, MD (Pruett)
Cross-Cultural Psychiatry
2/18/2015 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychiatry (Janet Chen, MD; Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD) Naazia Azhar, MD; Julio Bernardi, MD (present); Keerthi Akkineni, MD (discuss)
2/25/2015 Cross-ethnic Psychopharmacology & Pharmacogenetics (Janet Chen, MD; Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD) Miriam Brown, MD; Ravi Chockalingam, MD (present); Iffat Bhuiyan, MD; Janet Chen, MD (discuss)
3/4/2015 Cross-cultural Psychiatric Phenomenology, Epidemiology, and Diagnostic Systems (Janet Chen, MD; Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD) Colleen Donovan, MD; Sister Mara Lester, MD (present); George Elias, MD; George Manatt, MD (discuss)
3/11/2015 Psychiatry Practices in Different Countries (Janet Chen, MD; Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD) Maureen Murphy-Ryan, MD, PhD; Emily Perry, MD (present); Mathew Perry, MD (discuss)
3/18/2015 Cross-cultural Psychopathology (Daniel Mamah, MD) Jessica Rosenkvist, MD; Marty Sievert, MD (present); Nick Ranallo, MD (discuss)
3/25/2015 Cross-cultural Psychiatric Management & Motivational Interviewing (Collins Lewis, MD) Josh Wilson, MD (present); Adarsh Reddy, MBBS, PhD (discuss)
Neuroimaging/Functional Anatomy of Emotion
4/1/2015 How to Know Whether the Pretty Color Picture of a Brain Means Anything, Part 1 Kevin Black, MD
4/8/2015 How to Know Whether the Pretty Color Picture of a Brain Means Anything, Part 2 Kevin Black, MD
4/15/2015 The Developing Brain and Psychopathology: Promise, Pragmatics, and Pitfalls Michael Gaffrey, PhD
4/22/2015 Functional Network Changes in Anxiety Disorder (plus a review of functional connectivity and/or task-based fMRI) Chad Sylvester, MD, PhD
4/29/2015 Typical Brain Development and Associated Temperamental and Behavioral Development Kelly Botteron, MD
5/6/2015 Innovative Approaches to Psychiatric Neuroimaging Daniel Mamah, MD
5/13/2015 Development of Human Cortico-subcortical Networks and Implications for Developmental Disorders Deanna Greene, PhD


Date Title Lecturer
Business and Administrative Aspects of Psychiatry
9/18/2013 Introduction Melissa Harbit, MD
9/25/2013 Politics of Healthcare Melissa Harbit, MD; George Elias, MD; Daniel Murray, MD; Juee Phalak, MD; Keith Wood, MD; Libby Peek, MD; John Hearn, MD
10/2/2013 Other Topics-ACOs, Health Insurance Markeplace, etc. Melissa Harbit, MD; Nick Ranallo, MD; Keerthi Akkineni, MD; Eric Wittrock, MD; George Manatt, MD; Brendan O'Connor, MD; Thetsu Mon, MD, PhD
10/9/2013 Private Practice Luis Giuffra, MD, PhD
10/16/2013 Regulatory Agencies Melissa Harbit, MD; Marie Anne Gebara, MD; Marie Walker, MD, PhD; Iffat Bhuiyan, MD; Janet Chen, MD; Alireza Parsoei, MD; Matt Perry, MD; Adarsh Reddy, MBBS, PhD; John Vaszari, MD
10/23/2013 Administrative Psychiatry Mark Johnson, MD; Jaime Hook, MD
10/30/2013 HIPAA/Privacy Rules Cherie Nabholz
11/6/2013 Contracting and Credentialing Donna Sand and Cathy Eghigian
11/13/2013 Billing, Collections and Compliance Sue Renner and Cherie Nabholz
11/20/2013 Establishing a Practice Rita Scott and Cindy Smith
Translational Research and Reading the Scientific Literature
12/4/2013 NMDA and Psychosis Keith Wood, MD; John Vaszari, MD (Farber)
12/11/2013 Ketamine and Depression John Hearn, MD; Marie Anne Gebara, MD (Farber)
12/18/2013 Ketamine and mTor Thetsu Mon, MD, PhD; Brendan O'Connor, MD (Mennerick)
1/8/2014 Nitroprusside and Schizophrenia Elizabeth Peek, MD; Keerthi Akkineni, MD (Farber)
1/15/2014 Drug-Induced Apoptosis Marie Walker, MD; Daniel Murray, MD (Farber)
1/22/2014 Autism and Eye Tracking Erik Wittrock, DO; Alizeaz Parsoei, MD (Constantino)
1/29/2014 Clock Genes and Mania George Elias, MD; Adarsh Reddy, MBBS, PhD (Herzog)
2/5/2014 Stats and Power Iffat Bhuiyan, MD; Juee Phalak, MD (Hartz)
2/12/2014 GWAS and Li Responsive BAD Nick Ranallo, MD; Janet Chen, MD (Bierut)
2/19/2014 Fear and Amygdala Emily Perry, MD; George Manatt, MD (Farber)
History of Psychiatry
2/26/2014 Introduction; History of WU Dept. of Psychiatry Eugene Rubin, MD, PhD
3/5/2014 Catatonia Brendan O'Connor, MD; John Hearn, MD
3/12/2014 Chapter 1: The Birth of Psychiatry Marie Anne Gebara, MD; Elizabeth Peek, MD
3/19/2014 Chapter 2: The Asylum Era Thetsu Mon, MD; Marie Walker, MD
3/26/2014 Chapter 3: The 1st Biological Psychiatry John Vaszari, MD; Keith Wood, MD
4/2/2014 Chapter 4: Nerves Dan Murray, MD; Iffat Bhuiyan, MD
4/9/2014 Chapter 5: The Psychoanalytic Hiatus Ali Parsoei, MD; Juee Phalak, MD
4/16/2014 Chapter 6: Alternatives George Manatt, MD; Matt Perry, MD; Eric Wittrock, DO
4/23/2014 Chapter 7: The 2nd Biological Psychiatry George Elias, MD, Nick Ranallo, MD; Adarsh Reddy, MBBS, PhD
4/30/2014 Chapter 8: From Freud to Prozac Keerthi Akkineni, MD; Janet Chen, MD