We believe that our mission is to produce top notch psychiatrists not only for the USA but also for the world. Thus, in addition to recruiting top US medical graduates we also actively seek out talented international graduates. The program is currently approved to train 11 residents per cohort, for a total of 44. In the accompanying pages, you will see how our residents view their program, what they accomplish while they work, and how they spend some of their down time.


Keerthi Akkineni
East Tennessee State University, MD, 2011

Iffat Bhuiyan
American University of the Caribbean, MD, 2010

Janet Chen
University of Texas-San Antonio, MD, 2011

George Elias
University of Balamand, MD, 2011

George Manatt
University of Illinois, MD, 2011

Matthew Perry
University of Texas-San Antonio, MD, 2011

Nicholas Ranallo
University of Texas, MD, 2011

Adarsh Reddy
St. John's Medical College, MBBS, 2004
Washington University, PhD, 2011


Naazia Azhar
Albany Medical College, MD, 2012

Julio Bernardi
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, MD, 2011

Miriam Brown
Medical College of Wisconsin, MD, 2012

Ravikumar Chockalingam
Madras Medical College, MBBS, 2005

Colleen Donovan
Washington University , MD, 2012

Sister Mara Lester
George Washington University, MD, 2012

Maureen Murphy-Ryan
Mayo Medical School, MD, 2012

Emily Perry
University of Texas-San Antonio, MD, 2012

Jessica Rosenkvist
University of Minnesota , MD, 2012

Martin Sievert
Medical College of Wisconsin, MD, 2012

Joshua Wilson
University of Texas-Houston, MD, 2012


Ali Anwar
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, DO, 2013

Naji Chaaya Salloum
University of Balamand, MD, 2011

Andrea Giedinghagen
Washington University, MD, 2013

Tarik Hadzic
Washington University, MD, 2013
Washington University, PhD, 2013

Agnieszka Milczarek
Washington University, MD, 2013

Carrie Mintz
Washington University, MD, 2013

Whitney Nall
University of Oklahoma, MD, 2013

Shan Siddiqi
University of Sydney, MBBS, 2013

Nicholas Trapp
University of Nebraska, MD, 2013

Ludwig Trillo Alvarez
Universidad Nacional de San Agustin, MD, 2005

Alecia Vogel-Hammen
Washington University, MD, 2013
PhD, 2013


Erica Buchalter
University of Texas-Houston, MD, 2014

Swati Chanani
University of Texas Southwestern-Dallas, MD, 2014

Christopher Charlot
University of Louisville, MD, 2014

Sarah Donaldson
Washington University, MD, 2014

Gemma Espejo
University of Texas-San Antonio, MD, 2014

Mahjabeen Ismail
St. George's University, MD, 2014

Maysaa Nageeb
MD, 2014

A Benjamin Srivastava
University of Florida, MD, 2014

Erica Vance
American University of the Caribbean, MD, 2014

Michael Wenzinger
Eastern Virginia, MD, 2014

Willa Xiong
University of Miami, MD, 2014