Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds takes place weekly from mid-September to mid-May. Topics run the gamut from basic neuroscience to clinical topics. Below is a listing of talks given in the last two years.


Date Title Speaker
9/18/2012 "Neurosteroids, Stress & Depression: New Therapeutic Targets?" Charles Zorumski, MD
9/25/2012 "Marijuana, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), Current and Future Medications" Eugene Rubin, MD, PhD
10/2/2012 Shobe Lecture
"The Ascendancy of Pharmacotherapy in American Mental Health Care"
Mark Olfson, MD, MPH Professor of Clinical Psychiatry Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York
10/9/2012 Guze Lecture
"The Vermont Family Based Approach: Health Promotion, Prevention and Family Based Intervention"
James Hudziak, MD Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine and Pediatrics Thomas M. Achenbach Chair in Developmental Psychopathology Director, Vermont Center for Children, Youth & Families Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fletcher Allen Health Care University of Vermont
10/16/2012 Eli Robins Lecture
"Toward a New Pathophysiology and Anatomy in Depression: Treatment Possibilities"
Fritz Henn, PhD, MD Professor Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
10/23/2012 Alex Kaplan Lecture
"An Evidence-Based Psychodynamic Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder"
Eve Caligor, MD Clinical Professor of Psychiatry NYU School of Medicine
10/30/2012 "A Journey of Persistence and Courage: from an Isolated Life of Homelessness on the Street to a Mission Helping as a Mental Health Worker" Case Presentation, Interview and Discussion Richard Hudgens, MD
11/6/2012 "The Human Connectome Project: Update on Cognitive, Affective and Neural Domains" Deanna Barch, PhD
11/13/2012 Lee Robins Lecture
"Moving to Opportunity: Its Differential Impact on Mental Health"
Felton (Tony)Earls, MD Professor Emeritus of Child Psychiatry Harvard Medical School Research Professor of Human Behavior and Development
11/20/2012 "Dancing with DSM 5: One step forward, two steps back" Dragan Svrakic, MD, PhD
11/27/2012 I. Understanding and Targeting the Causal Pathway from Childhood Emotion Dysregulation to Psychiatric Impairment (9:00 AM - 9:45 AM) II. A Brief Update on the State of the W.U. Division of Child Psychiatry (9:45 AM - 10:00 AM) John Constantino, MD
12/4/2012 "Why are most Tic Disorders Transient? And .... are they?" Kevin Black, MD
12/11/2012 "The Effects of Poverty on Childhood Brain Development" Joan Luby, MD
12/18/2012 "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Major Depression: From Research to the Clinic Setting" Pilar Cristancho, MD
12/25/2012 HOLIDAY
1/1/2013 HOLIDAY
1/8/2013 "SSRI and SNRI Treatment Patterns, Healthcare Utilization and Cost among Patients with Major Depressive Disorder" Keith Isenberg, MD
1/15/2013 "Cognitive and Psychological Symptom Validity in the Assessment of Neuropsychiatric Conditions" Michael Oliveri, PhD, ABPP Neurobehavioral Associates of St. Louis
1/22/2013 "Forensic Psychiatry: The Expert Witness" Kara Gulewicz, WUMS IV
1/29/2013 MINICOURSE "Is Smoking Hazardous to Mental Health?" Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, PhD and Richard Grucza, PhD
2/5/2013 MINICOURSE "Genomics and Personalized Medicine - Smoking Cessation Treatments" LiShiun Chen, MD
2/12/2013 Gildea Lecture
"Development of Emotion Regulation: From Human Imaging to Mouse Genetics"
BJ Casey, PhD Director of Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology Professor of Developmental Psychobiology Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York
2/19/2013 "Heroin Use in Missouri - Temporal Trends and Implications for Genetic Investigations" Elliot Nelson, MD
2/26/2013 "What We Know about Suicide Prevention and Where Do We Go from Here?" Anne L. Glowinski, MD, MPE
3/5/2013 Resident Invitational
"The Insanity of the Insanity Defense"
John Rabun, MD

Ellen Blau, JD, Division Director Missouri Public Defender System

Robert P. McCulloch, JD, St Louis County Prosecuting Attorney
3/12/2013 "Imaging Biomarkers of Pathways Impairing Treatment Response in Late Life Depression" Yvette Sheline, MD
3/19/2013 "Is Dopamine the Critical Neurotransmitter in Treatment-Resistant Depression? Recent Aripiprazole Findings" Charles Conway, MD
3/26/2013 "Teaching Psychiatry to Medical Students: Current Practice and Future Considerations" Melissa Harbit, MD
4/2/2013 "What is a Healthy Personality? (and What Difference does it Make Clinically?)" C. Robert Cloninger, MD, PhD
4/9/2013 Sansone Lecture
"In Search of Aristotle: Are Melancholy and Suicidality the Price of Creativity and Eminence in Professional Domains?"
Hagop Akiskal, MD Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry University of California at San Diego
4/16/2013 "New Treatments for Mental Disorders: Why We’ve Failed, and how We will Succeed" Eric Lenze, MD
4/23/2013 "Changes in Residency Training: Next Accreditation System & The Milestone Project" Nuri B. Farber, MD
4/30/2013 "The Integration of Psychotherapeutic Techniques and Medication Management in Clinical Practice: A Clinic Case Discussion Brianne Disabato, MD and Keith Wood, MD
5/7/2013 Resident/Fellows Lectures
"Ketamine-Based Therapy for Treatment for Treatment Resistant Depression "

"16 Year Old Female with Precipitous Onset of Anxiety and Psychotic Symptoms: A Case Report"
Celeste Herleth, MD

Pallav Pareek, MD
5/14/2013 Resident/Fellows Lectures
"Psychiatric Follow Up After Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization"

"Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Recruitment: What Candidates Are Thinking"
Luigi Cardella, MD

John Rudersdorf, MD


Date Title Speaker
9/20/2011 "NMDA Receptors & Metaplasticity: How an Oddity Becomes a Mechanism in Psychiatry" Charles Zorumski, MD
9/27/2011 Resident Invitational
"The Approach to Agitation in the Psychiatric Emergency Service"
Rachel Lipson Glick, MD Associate Chair for Clinical & Administrative Affairs, Clinical Professor, University of Michigan Medical School
10/4/2011 Gildea Lecture
"Imaging, Nosology and Neuropsychiatry: Beyond Band-aid Medicine"
Jose Pardo, MD, PhD Director, Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit Professor, University of Minnesota
10/11/2011 Alex Kaplan Lecture
"Psychoanalyst as Psychopharmacologist"
Steven Roose, MD Professor of Clinical Psychiatry New York State Psychiatric Institute
10/18/2011 Gildea Lecture
"New Treatments for Depression: Keeping Neurons Alive, Healthy, and Connected"
Ronald S. Duman, PhD Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology Director, Abraham Ribicoff Research Facilities Yale University School of Medicine
10/25/2011 Lee Robins Lecture
"HELP THE DOCTOR! Automated Delivery of Behavioral Prevention in Primary Care"
John Helzer, MD Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry Director of Health Behavior Research Center University of Vermont College of Medicine
11/1/2011 "A Psychiatrist's View of Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementias" Eugene H. Rubin, M.D., Ph.D.
11/8/2011 "The Dynamic Role of Epigenetics in the Development and Expression of Schizophrenia" Dragan Svrakic, MD, PhD
11/15/2011 "Parenting and Brain Development: From Nurturance to Neurons" Joan Luby, MD
11/22/2011 "Betty and Joe: 27 Years' Journey from Tragedy to the Making of a Healer" Richard Hudgens, MD
11/29/2011 "Why Psychiatry is the Most Important Branch of Medicine" Laura Bierut, MD
12/6/2011 "Recent Advances in Research on the Causes of Autism: Implications for Neural Mechanisms, Core Psychological Deficits, and Possible Pathways to Resilience" John Constantino, MD
12/13/2011 Resident Invitational
"My Life with ED: Two Decades of Battling the Most Lethal Mental Illness"
Kimberli McCallum, MD
12/20/2011 Eli Robins Lecture
"Multimodal Imaging Studies of Reward Processing in Major Depression"
Wayne Drevets, MD Director & President, Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Oxley Professor of Neuroscience Research, Department of Psychiatry, Oklahoma University College of Medicine
12/27/2011 Holiday - No Lecture
1/3/2012 "Telemedicine: Applications to Practice" Dehra Glueck, MD
1/10/2012 Guze Lecture
"Translational Development of Noninvasive Brain Stimulation for Depression"
Sarah Holly Lisanby, MD Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Duke University School of Medicine and School of Arts and Sciences
1/17/2012 "Should We Legalize It?" Dan Haupt, MD
1/24/2012 "Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Clinician's Perspective" Luis Giuffra, MD, PhD
1/31/2012 "Emotion Processing and Brain Function in Pre-School Onset Depression" Deanna M. Barch, PhD
2/7/2012 "How Autism and Comparative Cognition can Inform Each Other" John Pruett,MD, PhD
2/14/2012 "Living Organ Donation: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown" Barry Hong, PhD
2/21/2012 "The Biological Basis of Late-Life Depression" Brianne Disabato, MD
2/28/2012 "Lifelong Learning in and out of Academia" Anne Glowinski, MD, MPE
3/6/2012 Shobe Lecture
"Cortical Synaptic Plasticity: From Amblyopia to Autism"
Mark Bear, PhD Picower Professor of Neuroscience Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge MA
3/13/2012 "Some of the Usual Suspects May Actually Be Guilty: Findings from a Genetic Association Study of Heroin Dependence" Elliot Nelson, MD
3/20/2012 Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Depression: what happens in vagus definitely does not stay in vagus" Charles Conway, MD
3/27/2012 "Network organization across PTSD and MDD: Similarities & Differences" Yvette Sheline,MD
4/3/2012 "Person-Centered Psychiatry: Understanding Mind-Body Relations in Heart Disease" C. Robert Cloninger, MD
4/10/2012 Sansone Lecture
"Person Centered Psychiatry"
C. Robert Cloninger, MD
4/17/2012 "First do no Harm: The challenge of Antidepressants in Older Adults" Eric Lenze, MD
4/24/2012 "Why Filicide?" Melissa Harbit, MD
5/1/2012 "The Board Certification Process? Will It Ever Stop Changing?" Nuri B. Farber, MD
5/8/2012 Resident/Fellows Lectures
"Lifestyle Change in a Community Mental Health Clinic"

"It Must be a Full Moon: Does Weather Influence Psychiatric Pathology?"

"Serotonin-reuptake Inhibitors Increase Bone Resorption"
Marcie Garland, MD

Sudha Patel, MD

Marcie Shea, MD
5/15/2012 Resident/Fellows Lectures
"A Case Series Examining the Efficacy of Right Unilateral ECT for Catatonia"

"Relationship between Maternal Support and Amygdala Volume"
Delaina Jewkes, MD

Natasha Marrus, MD