M & M Conference

M & M Conference is one of the residents’ most popular seminars. Each PGY4 resident prepares a clinical case of interest to that resident. After presenting the case, the resident reviews pertinent data from the literature and leads a discussion about the decisions that were made in the case. Below is a listing of the cases that were discussed in the previous two years.


Date Title Presenter
8/28/2014 Lithium Neurotoxicity Matthew Perry, M.D.
9/18/2014 Prolactin Elevation with Antipsychotics Adarsh Reddy, M.B.B.S.
10/23/2014 Li During Pregnancy Keerthi Akkineni, M.D.
11/20/2014 Post Partum Psychosis Iffat Bhuiyan, M.D.
12/18/2014 Boundary Crossings and Violations Janet Chen, M.D.
1/22/2015 Treatment of Psychosis in Parkinson's Disease Nicholas Ranallo, M.D.
2/26/2015 Averting Refeeding Syndrome in people with AN George Manatt, M.D.
3/26/2015 Pancytopenia in a Pt with Chronic Psychosis George Elias, M.D.
4/23/2015 Evolution of a psychiatric disorder over childhood and into adulthood James Harper, M.D.
5/28/2015 Early Onset Psychosis Alireza Parsoei, M.D.


Date Title Presenter
8/1/2013 Late Onset Psychosis Marie Anne Gebara, M.D.
8/29/2013 Lithium and Bipolar Disorder Elizabeth Worsham (Peek), M.D.
9/26/2013 Mengioma-Induced Psychosis Thetsu Mon, M.D.
11/7/2013 Steroid-Induced Psychosis Keith Wood, M.D.
11/21/2013 Catatonia Daniel Murray, M.D.
12/19/2013 IDD (MR) and Aggressivity Marie Walker, M.D.
1/30/2014 Pregnancy and Bipolar Disorder John Vaszari, M.D.
2/27/2014 Consumption of Hand Sanitizer Foam by an Inpatient Brendan O'Connor, M.D.
3/27/2014 Neuropsychiatric SLE and Catatonia John Hearn, M.D.
4/24/2014 Long-term Impact of Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children Chad Sylvester, M.D.