Research Conference

Research Conference takes place weekly from mid-September to mid-May. The focus of the talks is on on-going research. The conferences provide the advanced resident with a better understanding of the design, conduct and interpretation of research. Below is a listing of talks given in the last two years.


Date Title Speaker
9/18/2013 Faculty Meeting
9/25/2013 Ethics Mini Course
"Data Reproducibility: The Ethics of Scientific Self Correction"
Steve Chang, PhD, Andy Linsenbardt, PhD and Gerry Kress, PhD
10/2/2013 Ethics Mini Course
"Clinical Research Ethics in the News"
Sarah Eisenstein, Ph, Danielle Ridolfi, PhD and Dawn Eichen, PhD
10/9/2013 "Synaptic Pharmacodynamics of Antidepressant and Neuroprotective NMDA Receptor Channel Blockers" ketamine and memantine" Steven Mennerick, PhD
10/16/2013 Faculty Meeting
10/23/2013 "Bulimic Behaviors and Early Substance Use: Findings from a Cotwin-Control Study"

"Alcohol Research in the Era of Big (Messy) data: 300,000 Missouri (Convicted) Drunk-Drivers"
Melissa A. Munn-Chernoff, PhD

Ruth Miller, PhD
10/30/2013 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
"Genomic Copy Number Variants Across the Disease Spectrum

"Mapping Spontaneous Brain Activity with Optical Neuroimaging"
Christina Gurnett, MD, PhD

Joseph Culver, PhD
11/6/2013 "Obesity and the Brain" Jo Ann V. Antenor-Dorsey, MPH, PhD
11/13/2013 Psychiatry and Public Health Series
"New Perspectives in Psychiatry: The Role of Geospatial Technology"
Mario Schootman, PhD Professor of Epidemiology, Health Services Research, and Medicine; James R Kimmey Endowed Chair in Public Health, College for Public Health and Social Justice, SLU
11/20/2013 Faculty Meeting
11/27/2013 No Lecture - Happy Thanksgiving
12/4/2013 "Coming Home: Role of Family Disruption in Behavioral Health Problems During the Reintegration Period "

"Problems in Personality Disorder Assessment: Examining Psychopathy in DSM-5"
Sundari Balan PhD

Lauren Few PhD
12/11/2013 Disordered Eating: Examining the Relation with Weight Status and Addictive Behaviors" Dawn Eichen, PhD
12/18/2013 Faculty Meeting
1/8/2014 "Alcohol, Gut, Brain, Developmental Psychopathology ... Research Opportunities" Andrew C. Heath, DPhil
1/15/2014 Faculty Meeting
1/22/2014 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
“Early and Earlier Interventions in Depression”

“Early and Earlier Interventions in Depression”
Joan Luby, MD

Shannon Lenze, PhD
1/29/2014 ”Trauma Spectrum Disorder”

“Trauma and Health Outcomes after War”
Rumi Kato Price, PhD

Carissa van den Berk-Clark, PhD
2/5/2014 "Genetic and Brain-Imaging Patterns Connected by Shared Phenotypes Establish a Bridge from Bench to Bedside in Schizophrenia"

"Phasic Dopamine Release with a Genetically Encoded Biosensor"
Igor Zwir, PhD

Geraldine J. Kress, PhD
2/12/2014 Psychiatry and Public Health Series
"The Role of Public Health in Addressing Health and Mental Health Disparities"
Sarah Gehlert, PhD E Desmond Lee Professor of Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Brown School of Social Work; Professor, Department of Surgery, Washington University; Director, Center for Community-Engaged Research, Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences; and Associate Director, Institute of Public Health
2/19/2014 Faculty Meeting
2/26/2014 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
"Accurate Age Classification of 6 and 12 Month-Old Infants Based on Resting-State Functional Connectivity Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data"

"Development and Genetics of Prefrontal Brain Function in Adolescence: EEG and ERP Studies in Twins"
John Pruett, MD, PhD

Andrey Anokhin, PhD
3/5/2014 "Different Oxysterols have Opposing Actions at N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptors" Andrew Linsenbardt, PhD
3/12/2014 "Approaches to Dissemination of Effective Treatment for Childhood Obesity" Jackson Coppock, PhD and

Danielle Ridolfi, PhD
3/19/2014 Faculty Meeting
3/26/2014 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
"Stress-System Genes and Life Stress Predict Limbic Structure in Children"

"Development of a Rapid Video-Referenced Measure of Reciprocal Social Behavior in Toddlers"
David Pagliaccio, PhD

Natasha Marrus, MD, PhD
4/2/2014 "Visualizing Epigenomes "

"Beyond Genetic Variation: Discovery of Functional Epigenetic Variation"
Xin Zhou, PhD

Bo Zhang, PhD
4/9/2014 "Stress and Reward Function: Implications for Vulnerability and Resilience to Stress Related Psychiatric Disorders " Nadia Corral Frias, PhD
4/16/2014 Faculty Meeting
4/23/2014 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
"The 'Task B Problem' and other Considerations in Developmental Functional Neuroimaging"
Bradly Schlaggar, MD, PhD
4/30/2014 Resident/Fellows Lectures
"Depression, Antidepressants and Bone Health in Older Adults: A Systematic Review"

"The Effect of Combat Experience on the Prevalence of Psychiatric Complaints in the National Guard Population"

"Treatment Resistant Depression- A Descriptive Study"
Marie Anne Gebara, MD

Daniel Murray, MD

Marie Walker, MD
5/7/2014 Resident/Fellows Lectures
“The Challenges of a Military Child Psychiatrist”

"Child Psychiatry Resident In-Training Examination (Child PRITE) Performance, Child Psychiatry Board Examination Performance and Faculty Evaluation of Child Psychiatry Resident"

"Teaching Suicide Risk Assessment to Internal Medicine Residents"
Kirby Harvey, MD

Ji Su Hong, MD

John Vaszari, MD
5/14/2014 Resident/Fellows Lectures
"Cardiometabolic Effect of Venlafaxine in Late Life Depression"

"Assessment of Personality and Psychological Well-Being in the Outpatient Setting"

"Barriers to Weight Management Treatment"
Thetsu Mon, MD, PhD

Keith Wood, MD

Elizabeth Peek, MD
5/21/2014 Faculty Meeting


Date Title Speaker
9/19/2012 Faculty Meeting
9/26/2012 Ethics Minicourse
"From Fraud to Scientific Reproducibility: the Ethics of Data Reporting"
Andrew Linsenbardt, PhD, Jo Ann Antenor-Dorsey, PhD, Sara Eisenstein, PhD, and Sundari Balan, PhD
10/3/2012 Ethics Minicourse
"Clinical Trials and the Epistemology of Medicine"
Stephen S. Lefrak, MD
10/10/2012 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
"Genetics, Epigenetics, and Neuroimaging of Developmental Psychopathology: Vermont Style"
James Hudziak, MD Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine and Pediatrics Thomas M. Achenbach Chair in Developmental Psychopathology; Director, Vermont Center for Children, Youth & Families; Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Fletcher Allen Health Care University of Vermont
10/17/2012 Faculty Meeting
10/24/2012 "Bayesian Inference in Neurogenetic Studies: A Primer and Example"

"Bulimic Behaviors, Alcohol Use, and Early Menarche: Results from European- and African-American Twins"
Sean Kristjansson, PhD

Melissa A. Munn-Chernoff, PhD
10/31/2012 "Physiological Properties of NMBR and GRPR Neurons in the Mouse Superficial Dorsal Horn" Joseph Jeffry, PhD
11/7/2012 Psychiatry and Public Health Series
"Filling Gaps in Public Health Psychiatry: Current and Future Opportunities and Challenges"
Graham Colditz, MD Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Health; Professor, Department of Surgery
11/14/2012 "Psychotic Disorder and Psychosis-Risk: Neuroimaging, Epidemiology and Culture" Daniel Mamah, MD, MPE
11/21/2012 Faculty Meeting
11/28/2012 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
"Developmental Trajectories of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Co-Occurring Conditions"
Angela Reiersen, MD
12/5/2012 "Integrating Universal Screening and Evidence-Based Intervention for Eating Disorders within College Student Health Care Delivery" Andrea E. Kass, MA
12/12/2012 "fMRI taste responses and human reward system." Jose Mathews, MD
12/19/2012 Faculty Meeting
12/26/2012 HOLIDAY
1/2/2013 Faculty Meeting
1/9/2013 "Validity and Reliability of Retrospective Reports of Nicotine Withdrawal"

"WashU Genome Browser: Visualizing Genomics Data on the Web"
Michele L. Pergadia, PhD.

Xin Zhou, PhD
1/16/2013 Faculty Meeting
1/23/2013 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
"Understanding Large-Scale Resting functional MRI Networks in the Human Brain"
Steve Petersen, PhD
1/30/2013 MINICOURSE "Smoking, Alcohol, and Drug Use in the Psychiatric Population: The Perfect Storm" Sarah Hartz, MD
2/6/2013 MINICOURSE "What We Know about the Genetics of Addiction: Implications for Medicine and Public Health" Arpana Agrawal, PhD
2/13/2013 "Dissecting the Architecture of Complex Diseases: Schizophrenia as a Case of Study"

"Central Dopamine Receptors in Obesity"
Igor Zwir, PhD

Jo Ann Antenor-Dorsey, PhD
2/20/2013 Faculty Meeting
2/27/2013 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
"Williams Syndrome: Clinical Perspective on Neurocognitive Challenges and Variability of Presentation"
Beth Kozel, MD, PhD
3/6/2013 "Reduction in Restrictive Feeding Practices after Family-Based Treatment Improves Child Weight Loss through Dietary Modifications: a Research Study" Jodi Cahill Holland, PhD
3/13/2013 "ADHD, Autistic Traits and Substance Use"

"Insulin and Addictive Behavior"
Duneesha De Alwis, PhD

Dana Gredysa
3/20/2013 Faculty Meeting
3/27/2013 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
"Implementing Preventive Intervention among Infants of Women in Drug Court"

"Preschool Depression and the Amygdala: Task Based and Resting State fMRI Findings"
Ned Presnall, MSW, LCSW

Michael Gaffrey, PhD
4/3/2013 "New Directions in Smoking Research: Not Just About Rewarding Effects" Christina Lessov-Schlaggar, PhD
4/10/2013 "The Endogenous Oxysterol 24(S)-Hydroxycholesterol is a Specific Allosteric Modulator of NMDA-Type Glutamate Receptors"

"Functional Selectivity in the Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Opioid Peptide Receptor"
Andrew J. Linsenbardt, PhD

Steven D. Chang, PhD
4/17/2013 Faculty Meeting
4/24/2013 Developmental Psychopathology Series - integrated as part of the Research Seminar
"Everything You always Wanted to Know about Human Mate Selection but were Afraid to Ask. The Child's Perspective."
Andrew Heath, DPhil
5/1/2013 Resident/Fellows Lectures
"The Rare Phenotype of Autism and Sociopathy"

"Comparing BMI of Psychiatry and Medicine Clinic Patients- How are We Doing?"

"Evolution of the Psychiatric Diagnostic System"
Eun Paik, MD

Sushma Chandramouli, MD

Miriam Schroeder, MD
5/8/2013 Resident/Fellows Lectures
"Inpatient Approach to Nicotine Replacement Therapy : A Barrier to Outpatient Smoking Cessation?"

"Childhood Motor, Behavioral, and Psychiatric History in Sibling Pairs with and without Schizophrenia"

"The Impact of a Collaborative Care Model on the Management of Mental Illness in a Primary Care Setting"
Leigh Brown, DO

Vaishali Shah, MD

Bonnie Applewhite, MD
5/15/2013 "Cognition in Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder: More Similar than Different?"

"Autism: A Means to Dissect the Relationship between Social Cognition and Language Development"
Akinkunle Owoso, MD

Natasha Marrus, MD, PhD