Residents at Work & Play

Residents in class.
Second years helping out with orientation
Interns with their new white coats at orientation
Third Year Residents on the last day of clinic
Residents enjoying dinner together
Residents enjoying graduation
Residents enjoying graduation
2014 Graduating Residents
2014 Residents meeting each other
2014 Residents at the Welcome BBQ
Dressing up for clinic
Taking a donut making class
3rd year residents getting together after work
3rd year residents enjoying a hike
Residents on a hike
Enjoying Dim Sum together
Clinic residents wearing their Wash U psychiatry jackets
Residents on a hike in St. Charles
Enjoying a hike in St. Charles
Celebrating Matt's Birthday
Celebrating Matt's Birthday
Girls enjoying BBQ
Residents enjoying the nice weather
2013 Residents Meeting For The FIrst TIme
2013 Residents About To Get Started
2011 Residents Working with the Chairman
2011 Residents Hanging Out Together
2011 Residents Eating Out
2011 Residents @ a Cardinals' Game