Summer Seminar Series

During the summer months residents attend summer seminars that are designed to prepare them for their upcoming year.


Date Title Lecturer
PGY 1 Summer Series
7/2/2013 The Washington University Psychiatry Program
Overview of Psychiatry
Nuri Farber, MD
Chuck Zorumski, MD
7/9/2013 Psychiatry and the Law
Committing Patients & Other Forensic Issues
Melissa Harbit, MD
Michael Jarvis, MD, PhD
7/16/2013 Personal Safety - Part 1
Personal Safety - Part 2
Margie Brine
Margie Brine
7/23/2013 Inpatient Personality Disorders
Brief Psychotherapy for the Inpatient
Barry Hong, PhD
Marcia McCabe, PhD
7/30/2013 Residents as Teachers
Fay Womer, MD
Akinkunle Owoso, MD
8/6/2013 Delirium & Organic W/U of Psychiatric Patients
Recognizing Fatigue and Managing Sleep Deprivation
Marcie Garland, MD
Luigi Cardella, MD
8/13/2013 CD Management of Comorbid Substance Abuse
Impaired Physicians & Professionalism
Dragan Svrakic, MD, PhD
Brianne Disabato, MD
8/20/2013 Geriatric Psychiatry
Major Depression
Eric Lenze, MD
Jose Mathews, MD
8/27/2013 PTSD and Somatization
Bipolar Disorder
Luigi Cardella, MD
Jose Mathews, MD
9/3/2013 Career Development Chuck Zorumski, MD
PGY2 CD Lecture Series
7/2/2013 Addiction syndromes: intoxication & withdrawal symptoms Marcie Garland, MD
7/9/2013 DSM5 diagnoses & treatment of substance use disorders Donald Bohnenkamp, MD
PGY2 Consult Psychiatry Series
7/16/2013 Intro to Consultation Psychiatry Monica Bishop, MD
7/23/2013 Common Consultation Issues Akin Owoso, MD
7/30/2013 Suicide Assessment Luigi Cardella, MD
8/6/2013 Oncologic Psychiatry Marty Clarke, PA-C, PhD
8/13/2013 ECT Consults Charles Conway, MD
8/20/2013 Psychotherapy: Common Factors
Practicing Empathy/Supportive Techniques
Shannon Lenze, PhD
Shannon Lenze, PhD
PGY2 Emergency Psychiatry Series
6/4/2013 Computer Training; ER Tour Bev Neulist & Brendan O'Connor, MD
6/11/2013 Intro to Emergency Psychiatry
Don Bohnenkamp, MD
Don Bohnenkamp, MD
6/18/2013 Risk Assessment, EMTALA and Capacity Don Bohnenkamp, MD
6/25/2013 Emergency Assessment & Treatment; Case Studies Don Bohnenkamp, MD
PGY2 Introduction to Reading Research
8/27/2013 Selecting a Research Question Laura Bierut, MD
9/3/2013 How Do We Improve Patient Care? Laura Bierut, MD
9/10/2013 Working in a System Laura Bierut, MD
PGY-3 Clinic Orientation
6/4/2013 Intro to Outpatient Clinical Psychiatry Brianne Disabato, MD & Brendan O'Connor, MD
6/11/2013 EMR Training
6/18/2013 Touchworks/Allscripts Training
Child Clinic Orientation
6/25/2013 BJC Behavioral Health Orientation Mark Johnson, MD