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Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, PhD

Current Position
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

University Roles
Scholar, Institute for Public Health

Education and Training
BA: University of Houston, 1998
PhD:State University of New York at Buffalo, 2004

Areas of Research Interests
Research interests include the reduction of health and mental health disparities among underserved populations and the risk behaviors associated with substance abuse and dependence.

Key Publications
Cavazos-Rehg, PA, Krauss, MJ, Spitznagel, E, Schootman, M, Bucholz, KK, Cottler, LB, Bierut, LJ: Understanding Adolescent Parenthood from a Multisystemic Perspective. J Adolesc Health 2010: 46, 525-531.

Cavazos-Rehg PA, Spitznagel E, Bucholz KK, Nurnberger J, Edenberg HJ, Kramer J, Kuperman S, Hesselbrock V, Bierut LJ: Predictors of sexual debut at age 16 or younger. Arch Sex Behav 2010; 39 (3). PMCID: PMC2855761

Cavazos-Rehg, P.A., Spitznagel, E., Bucholz, K.K., Norberg, K., Nurnberger, J., Hesselbrock, V., Kramer, J., Kuperman, S., Bierut, L.J. (2007). The relationship between alcohol problems and dependence, conduct disorder symptoms, and number of sex partners in a sample of young adults. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 12: 2046-52.

Cavazos-Rehg, PA, Krauss, MJ, Spitznagel, E, Schootman, M, Bucholz, KK, Peipert, JF, Sanders-Thompson, V, Cottler, LB, Bierut, LJ: Age of sexual debut among U.S. adolescents. Contraception 2009: 80, 158-162.

Cavazos-Rehg PA, DeLucia-Waack JL: Education, ethnic identity, and acculturation as predictors of self-esteem in Latino adolescents. J Couns Dev 2009; 87, 47-54.

Cavazos-Rehg, PA, Spitznagel, E, Schootman, M, Strickland, JR, Afful, SE, Cottler, LB, Bierut, LJ: Risky Sexual Behaviors and STDs: A Comparison Study of Cocaine Dependent Individuals in Treatment versus a Community Matched Sample. AIDS Patient Care and STDs 2009; 23, 727-734. PMCID: PMC2804246

Funded Research Projects
NIDA (PI): Building on Bridging the Gap: Environmental Influences on Teen Substance Use
NIDA (PI): Substance Use Histories and Risky Sexual Behaviors among Young Persons
American Cancer Society (PI): Investigating responses to increases in cigarette taxes
NIDA (Key Personnel): Policy as Environment: Long-term Effects of Laws Restricting Youth Substance Use