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Request for Service Form
The form below may be printed directly from your web browser, or you may download a copy of the form in PDF format by clicking HERE.


Name _________________________________     Department & Box #___________________________

Phone ___________________  FAX____________    Email_____________________________________

1. Species____________________________________

2. Background Strain____________________________

3. Group-housed?   YES   NO   (circle one)

4. Sex     FEMALE    MALE    MIXED   (circle one)

5. Age of animals at testing _____________

6. How soon would your animals be available for testing?

7. How many different groups of animals will need to be tested?

8. How many animals could be provided per group?

9. What is the purpose of your research project and how could behavioral testing assist you?



10. What behavior(s) do you want to test in these animals? (The basic battery of tests is available at ADDRESS.  However, there are many other tests we can perform.)




11. Will you need your animals returned after testing is completed?   YES     NO

12. Are there any physiological problems with the animals that may interfere with their performance (e.g. sensorimotor deficits which may negate certain memory tests)?



13. Please describe any special animal husbandry or other conditions which will require attention while the animals are at the ABC (e.g. drug treatment for conditional gene expression)?



Please return form to: Animal Behavior Core, c/o Mark Bardgett, Department of Psychiatry, BOX 8134 or FAX to: 362-2099. A member of the ABC staff will call you within three working days of receipt of this request. If you have any questions, please call us at 747-4571.

Protocol for investigators interested in having mice tested by the Animal Behavior Core (ABC).
  1. Contact one of the faculty supervisors to obtain a "Request for service" form.
  2. Following review of request for service form and consultation with investigator, faculty supervisor will draft estimate of time and costs, based on labor and supplies needed. The hourly fee for ABC services is $40.00 and this fee does not include additional charges for animal per diems. Estimates can be generated for grant applications. If possible, investigators should budget such estimates as contracts with the ABC (as opposed to direct costs of salaries and supplies). Estimates are free.
  3. Investigators should arrange to have their animals transferred onto the ABC animal protocol. Per diems accrued at the ABC will be included in cost estimates.
  4. Investigators should clearly indicate the animal ID to the ABC staff and ensure that these ID’s are present on animal cage cards. In most cases, it will be prudent to inform the faculty supervisor of the animal’s genotype or experimental status (e.g. lesion, nerve crush, or sham). This will allow the faculty supervisor to properly "balance" the order of testing. However, the actual technician performing the testing will be blind to the animal’s genotype or experimental status.
  5. Animals will be allowed one week to acclimate to the ABC animal housing area. Thereafter, animals are typically tested in one test over a one-two week period, depending on the test. Multiple tests may require multiple weeks of testing.
  6. When testing is completed, investigators will be notified. Animals will be available for terminal experiments in the investigator’s labs, but will not be allowed to return to other DCM facilities (check with your facility mananger). Further behavioral tests should be discussed with ABC faculty supervisors.
  7. Data will be available to the investigator in a Microsoft Excel or text format normally within one week of testing completion. Testing data for each behavioral measure will be provided in a coded manner. The code for the data will be provided to investigators and the most appropriate statistical analysis suggested and described. If wanted, the ABC faculty supervisors can perform the data analysis, however, extended amounts of time devoted to this task will be billed to the investigator.
  8. Any conflicts or concerns regarding pricing, testing, data, or other issues will be reviewed by the ABC oversight panel. This committee will meet on a quarterly basis. All decisions by this panel will be final.
  9. Since the ABC facility is a fee-for-service operation, the faculty supervisors do not necessarily expect to share authorship on papers that utilize data derived at the ABC. However, if the faculty supervisors are asked to provide an extensive interpretation of data or write any portion of a Methods, Data Analysis, or Discussion section, then they will expect to share authorship of the paper. In publications which are not co-authored by the faculty supervisors, we would like to request that such papers acknowledge the use of the Washington University Animal Behavior Core for behavioral testing of animals.
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