logosm.gif (1133 bytes) PANEL OF BEHAVIORAL ASSAYS


Apparatus and materials: Clear polypropylene cages (47 cm x 25 cm x 22 cm), 70% ETOH, Smart-Frame Home Cage Photobeam System (Hamilton-Kinder, Poway, CA, SF4X8S) placed 3 cm from floor or tabletop, Hamilton-Kinder software (MM500)

1. Clean each test cage with 70% ETOH before testing and allow to dry.
2. Place cage in middle of Smart-Frame apparatus.
3. Lights should be on in room.
4. Immediately upon removal from home cage and housing room, place mouse in middle of test cage and allow to remain there for 75 minutes.
5. Record following measures every five minutes:

a. Total number of photobeam breaks.
b. Total number of center entries (center being defined as area which is 7 cm from wall of cage on all four sides of cage).
c. Total number of photobeam breaks in center area.
d. Total number of photobeam breaks in peripheral area.
e. Total number of rears (can be measured if two smart frame apparatuses are "stacked").
f. Total number of center rears.
g. Total number of peripheral rears.
6. Before testing any other animal in cage, clean the cage with 70% ETOH and allow to dry.


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