logosm.gif (1133 bytes) PANEL OF BEHAVIORAL ASSAYS


It should be kept in mind that sensitivity to drug or environmental challenge could be tested in any of the test described in the basic battery or in those listed below. Other tests will be added in the future.

1. Alcohol preference
2. Barnes platform spatial memory test
3. Conditional spatial discrimination working memory test
4. Conditioned place preference
5. Drug sensitization
6. EEG monitoring
7. Food consumption
8. Light:dark anxiety test
9. Maternal behavior
10. Odor recognition
11. Odor discrimination
12. Passive avoidance
13. Porsolt swim test (for "depression"-like behavior)
14. Radial arm spatial memory test
15. Resident-intruder aggression test
16. Seizure induction
17. Sexual performance
18. Sexual motivation
19. Social interaction
20. Spontaneous alternation
21. Stereotypy
22. Von Frey mechanical sensation
23. Walking path analysis


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