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Apparatus: Elevated Plus Maze System (Hamilton-Kinder) equipped with 16 x 16 photosensors, 70% ETOH, 60W incandescent, "Nightglow" lamp, PVC tube start chamber, video camera, VCR, VCR tapes, "transfer" cage (regular mouse home cage with bedding in it for transporting mice to and from plus maze).

1. Turn off lights in procedure room except for a single "Nightglow" incandescent (60 W) bulb which simulates "moonlight-like" levels of illumination.
2. Immediately upon removal from home cage (or transfer cage) from housing room, place mouse in PVC tube located at cross point of plus maze.
3. After 10 seconds, remove tube from cross point.
4. Allow mouse to explore plus maze for 5 minutes.
5. Record following measures over 5 minute test period:

a. Total entries into new arm
b. Total rears
c. Total open arm entries
d. Total closed arm entries
e. % of open arm entries
f. % time spent in open arm
g. % of time in center area of maze
h. Number of photobeam breaks in open arms
i. Number of photobeam breaks in closed arms
j. Latency to first arm entry
6. Animals should be tested again for a total of three consecutive days.


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