Drug Abuse Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research

Our T32 training program strives to foster a strong interdisciplinary environment in training faculty, postdoctoral PhD and MD fellows, and predoctoral PhD candidates and medical students in the areas of drug abuse epidemiology, services and prevention in order to develop scientific knowledge with clear application to both practice and public policy.

Rumi Kato Price
Arpana Agrawal
Andrey Anokhin
Deanna Barch
Peter Benson
Laura Bierut
Kevin Black
Kathleen Bucholz
Patricia Cavazos-Rehg
Theodore Cicero
Graham Colditz
John Constantino
Linda Cottler
Sarah Gehlert
Richard Grucza
Andrew Heath
Tamara Hershey
Joan Luby
Douglass Luke
Pamela Madden
J. Philip Miller
Thomas Oltmanns
John Rice
Mario Schootman
Alexandre Todorov