History Timeline

Vice Chairs

Dr. Cloninger formed a Department of Psychiatry Executive Committee in 1989.  In 1992, he officially appointed Vice Chairs. The Executive Committee system and Vice Chair system have been continued by subsequent Heads of the Department.

Active Titles

Vice Chair for Education:

1992 - current    Dr. Eugene Rubin

Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

1992-1997       Dr. Richard Hudgens

1997-2006       Dr. Keith Isenberg

1997-current    Dr. Barry Hong

2007-current    Dr. Michael Jarvis

Vice Chair for Research

1992-current    Dr. Theodore Cicero

Vice Chair for Faculty Development

2016-current    Dr. Laura Bierut

Inactive Titles

Associate Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

1992-1997       Dr. Barry Hong

Associate Vice Chair for Research

1992-1997       Dr. Charles Zorumski

Vice Chair for Clinical Research

1992-1998       Dr. Theodore Reich