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Weight Management &
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Implementing an Evidence-Based Obesity Treatment Program at Scale in an Employee Wellness Setting

Recruitment Started December 2013

Through generous funding from BJC Healthcare, we are offering, MyWay to Health, a family-based social facilitation treatment to BJC employees and their immediate family members who participate in the BJC Medical Plan. MyWay to Health is a year-long evidence-based treatment for weight loss and weight maintenance. In fact, by participating in the MyWay to Health program, qualifying employees and their immediate family members participate in a 40-session treatment program that has been shown to help families lose weight and maintain their weight loss through the establishment of healthy eating and physical activity behaviors via the Traffic Light Approach. The program also focuses on building support for healthy lifestyle changes across all areas of life (at home, at work, and in the community). Approximately two hundred BJC employees and their family members participating in the BJC Medical Plan will take part in the MyWay to Health treatment program. The program is a two year pilot program, but we intend to expand the program based upon the success of the first two years of the pilot program. We are also collaborating with a local technology company to develop electronic support tools to enhance the MyWay to Health program, including an interactive web site and mobile application. In addition to offering clinical services, we will be offering a research arm of this project in order to document outcomes of this two year pilot program. Assessments will be conducted at baseline, 10 months, and again at 16 months to determine the impact of treatment on changes in several variables, including anthropometric variables (e.g., relative weight, waist circumference, total body fat), psychosocial variables (e.g., quality of life, body esteem), and health related variables (e.g., blood pressure, triglycerides, insulin sensitivity).