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Weight Management &
Eating Disorders Research Program

Mailing address:
Campus Box 8134
660 S. Euclid
St. Louis, MO 63110

Campus addresses:

11th Floor McDonnell Pediatric Research Building (MPRB)
4905 Children's Place
St Louis, MO 63110

T: 314-286-0076
F: 314-286-2091


Internships: The Weight Management & Eating Disorders Research Lab at the Washington University School of Medicine is seeking reliable, self-motivated, and energetic undergraduate students interested in obtaining research experience in Clinical Psychiatry and Psychology. Dr. Wilfley's laboratory integrates clinical and research components, and offers students a unique opportunity to obtain experience in both aspects of psychology, as well as contribute to an exciting and innovative line of research. Student research interns must be responsible, mature, and willing and motivated to assist on a variety of projects and tasks. A professional demeanor and interpersonal skills are essential, as students will be working in a clinical environment and as a member of Dr. Wilfley's research team. Please contact Meghan Byrne for more information at or 314-286-1013.

Research assistantships: The Weight Management & Eating Disorders Research Lab also employs several research assistants to assist with various studies being conducted at the lab. Potential research assistant responsibilities include participant recruitment, screening, organization of study materials, participant monitoring, data collection and management, conducting literature searches, and clerical or administrative tasks. Please contact Sara McMullin for more information at or 314-286-0251.