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StayingFit: Internet-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention and Intervention Program

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The childhood obesity epidemic is a public-health crisis and there is great need for interventions that promote weight maintenance/loss in children. Through a collaborative partnership with Cox Branson (a healthcare company), two middle schools in Taney County, MO, the Boys and Girls club, and the local Health Department, we are exploring the efficacy of StayingFit, an interactive, personalized, online, evidence-based early intervention and prevention program, designed to promote childhood weight loss and weight maintenance for middle school students in Taney County, MO. In collaboration with Stanford University, we have demonstrated the efficacy of internet-based interventions for the prevention of excess weight gain in overweight adolescents and obesity related eating disorders (e.g., binge eating) and attitudes (e.g. weight and shape concerns; negative attitudes), and this project expands this work to middle school – a critical age to target children. Funded by the Skaggs Foundation, this project will focus on creating a sustainable partnership with community organizations through OWN it that will enhance the efficacy of the intervention, and widen its impact. The goals of the project are to 1) promote weight loss or weight maintenance, and healthy eating and activity in middle school students; 2) engage parents/caregivers in engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviors; and 3) build strong community partnerships that will ensure the program sustainability. Initially the project will be run with two middle schools (600 students), and will expanded to additional schools in subsequent years.

Inclusion criteria

  1. Middle school students between the ages of 10 and 14 at participating schools
  2. Access to the Internet