Synapses and Disease Journal Club, Fridays 10 am,

2nd Floor Biotech (Note change in location)




September 11

Julian Meeks

Pheromone detection and amino acid transport

September 18

John Cirrito



APP and synaptogenesis


Improper citation and comment

September 25

Neuroscience Retreat

No meeting

October 2

Peter Lukasiewicz


October 9

Martha Bhattacharya

Lipid phosphate signaling at synapses

October 16

SfN Meeting

No meeting

October 23

Tomomi Ichinose

Approaching objects and ganglion cell physiology

November 6

Sarah Naylor

Active zone assembly

Secondary paper

November 13

Peter Lukasiewicz

Electrical synapses and night blindness

November 20

Vera Valakh

Compartmentalized dendritic plasticity

November 27


No meeting

December 4

Hannah Arnson

Subcellular retinotopy

December 11

Devon Crawford

Gabapentin, thrombospondin, and synaptogenesis

Dec. 18 (Annual EtOH paper)

Steve Mennerick

Presynaptic ethanol effects

December 25


No meeting


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