Synapses Journal Club, Fridays 10 am,

2nd Floor Biotech conference room

Fall 2012






September 7

GPCR Journal Club (3 p.m.)

GPCR club website

September 14

Nancy Baenziger

A High-Coverage Genome Sequence from an Archaic Denisovan Individual For additional context: Humans, Neanderthals related to yet another group, via CNN.

September 21

Neuroscience Retreat

No Meeting

September 28

Carolyn Purgert (!)

This is your brain on BPA

October 5

GPCR Journal Club (3 p.m.)

GPCR club website

October 12

SfN Conference

No Meeting

October 19

Steve Mennerick

Synaptic and extrasynaptic NMDAR co-agonists

Commentary: Gray & Nicoll

October 26

Rob Purgert

Antipsychotic effects on synaptic transmission

November 2

GPCR Journal Club (3 p.m.)

GPCR club website

November 9

Vera Valakh

REST and epigenetic control of NMDARs

November 16

Christine Wroge

Target-specific release probability


November 23

Thanksgiving Holiday

No Meeting

November 30

Peter Lukasiewicz

Dopaminergic neurons inhibit striatal output through non-canonical release of GABA

December 7

GPCR Journal Club (3 p.m.)

GPCR club website

December 14

December 21

Courtney Sobieski

Ethanol Promotes Clathrin Adaptor-Mediated Endocytosis via the Intracellular Domain of δ-Containing GABAA Receptors.

December 28

Winter Break

No Meeting


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