Synapses and Disease Journal Club, Fridays 10 am, 2nd Floor Biotech (Note change in location)










January 9

Steve Mennerick

Translational science: philosophy

Translational science: practice

Translational science: implementation

January 16

No meeting, Follow up readings

Marks critique of NIH roadmap and responses

January 23

Tomomi Ichinose

Astrocyte glutamate


January 30

No meeting, student interviews

February 6

Xudong Qiu

Pikachurin and photoreceptor synapses

February 13

No meeting, student interviews

February 20

Martha Bhattacharya

Insulin receptor and visual circuit plasticity

Needleman and McAllister preview

February 27

Vera Valakh

Fragile X and glutamate receptors


March 6

March 13

Michele Pergadia

mGluRs and nicotine dependence

March 20

Sarah Naylor

Nieman-Pick C in flies

March 27

Tina Chang

Social isolation and CREB

April  3

Hannah Arnson

Neuronal chloride gradient and stress

April 10

Joey Mertz

Developmental neuroapoptosis

Background 1

Background 2

Lay media article

April 17

Devon Crawford

Synaptic pruning and parkin

April 24

Peter Lukasiewicz

Astrocytes, sleep, and cognition

May 1

Diwakar Turaga

Astrocytes and Alzheimer’s

May 8

Tammy Hershey/Steve Mennerick

Optical deconstruction of PD

Supplemental material


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