Synapses Journal Club, Fridays 10 am,

2nd Floor Biotech conference room

Spring 2012 subthemes: Autism spectrum disorder, iPS cells




Theme: “Autism Spectrum Disorder”


January 6

John Pruett, Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Fairly comprehensive review

Mapping autistic brain development

Early behavioral signs

January 13

Carolyn Hogan

Autism and synaptic pathophysiology

January 20

Karen O’Malley

FMRP and synapse elimination

January 27

Neuroscience student interviews

No Meeting

February 3

Neuroscience student interviews

No Meeting

February 10

Steve Mennerick

meCP2 phosphorylation and hippocampal learning

February 17

Martha Bhattacharya

Angelman syndrome

February 24

Stephanie Scherer

Physiology phenotype of Rett syndrome iPS cell-derived neurons

March 2

Joe Dougherty

Overview of iPS cells and

Timothy syndrome phenotypes

March 9

Adish Dani

Shank and autism

March 16

Susan Culican

Visual development and Rett

March 23

Julian Meeks

Exocytosis modes studied with quantum dots

March 30

Vera Valakh

Dendritic action potential initiation in hippocampal neurons

April 6

Christine Wroge

TSPAN7, an intellectual disability protein, and AMPAR trafficking

April 13

Andy Linsenbardt

Cortical development from ES cells and iPS cells

April 20

Rob Purgert

Fibrobasts to spinal motor neurons

April 27

Stephanie Scherer

iPS cells in sporadic and familial Alzheimers

May 4

Tomomi Ichinose

Photoreceptor transplantation

May 11



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