Synapses Journal Club, Fridays 10 am,

2nd Floor Biotech (Note change in location)




September 10

No meeting


September 17

Carolyn Hogan

LTP-dependent spine enlargement

September 24

No meeting

Neuroscience Retreat

October 1

Rob Purgert

Retrograde long-term plasticity at retinal synapses

October 8

Vera Valakh

Single synapse postsynaptic metaplasticity

October 15

Mohammad Maktabi

Gliotransmission in respiratory circuitry

October 29

Christine Wroge

FFTs to study catecholamine release

November 5

Peter Lukasiewicz

Hair cell vesicle replenishment

November 12

No meeting

SfN Meeting

November 19

Matthew Cain

Morphine and AMPARs

November 26

No meeting


December 3

EJ Brace

Pluripotent stem cells and Rett syndrome treatment

December 10

Devon Crawford

Cell autonomous homeostatic plasticity



December 17 (annual ethanol meeting)

Julian Meeks

Potential cellular mechanisms of Four Loko


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