Synapses and Disease Journal Club, Fridays 10 am,

2nd Floor Biotech (Note change in location)




February 5

Ariel Lyons-Warren

Synaptic mechanisms of sound localization

February 12

No meeting, prospective students


February 19

EJ Brace

MicroRNA and ALS

February 26

Larry Eisenman

Hub neurons

March 5

Tomomi Ichinose

TRPM1 and light responses

Additional reading 1

Additional reading 2

March 12

Tim Holy

Dendrites and fast synapses in interneurons

March 19

Martha Bhattacharya

Semaphorins & spinogenesis

March 26 (prospective students)

Rob Purgert

Ectopic rhodopsin expression and photoreceptor degeneration

April 2

Peter Lukasiewicz

Pannexins and hippocampal bursting

April 9

Sylvia Johnson

Molecular contributors to receptive field plasticity in optic tectum

April 16

John Cirrito

Vesicle Superpools

April 23

Vera Valakh

Spontaneous vs evoked vesicle pools

Additional reading

April 30

Steve Mennerick

Stroke effects on intrinsic and synaptic signaling

May 7

Jae-Eun Kang

5-HT modulation of olfaction

May 14


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