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2nd Floor Biotech conference room

Spring 2011 topic: Glia.


A good overview paper of recent controversies





January  7

Martha Bhattacharya

GABA release from glia

January 14

Rob Purgert

Perisynaptic glial responses

January 21

Tomomi Ichinose

Presynaptic regulation of astrocyte transporters

  And comment

January 28



February 4

Steve Mennerick

Questioning gliotransmission

February 11



February 18

Adish Dani

Endocannabinoid induced gliotransmission

February 25

Vera Valakh

Control of astrocyte D-serine release

March 4

John Cirrito

March 11

March 18

Mohammad Maktabi

Astrocyte modulation of axonal action potentials

March 25, prospective student revisit

Carolyn Hogan

Astrocyte metabolic support of neurons

April 1

Mariangela Chisari

TNFa control of glutamate gliotransmission

April 8

Christine Wroge

Glia, hemichannels and AD

April 15

Amy Peng

Forms of astrocyte exocytosis

April 22

Jana Marcette

Astrocyte vesicles

April 29

Devon Crawford

Astrocyte control of neuronal receptor levels

May 6

Ziv Rotman

Astrocyte regulation of neuronal GABAB receptor activation

May 13

Joe Dougherty

Microglial involvement in OCD behaviors

May 20

Peter Lukasiewicz

Developmental changes in astrocyte transport and diffusion of synaptic glutamate

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